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 Got Rocks? We do! Come see the wonderful beauty of real stones and gems that we have cut and polished to create unique jewelry. Intricate designs in lampworked glass beads and stones, even GLOW IN THE DARK jewelry. Sterling Silver jewelry, and more.







SOLD ! 9.5 carat Burmese Ruby Gold RIng

Lampwork Glass Jellyfish Wine Bottle Stopper

Glowing Glass Jellyfish Pendants - Daylight

Glowing Glass Jellyfish Pendants - Blacklight

Miss Beady Buttons - Winner of Community Favorite for Sarasota's Clowing Around Town Public Art

Sterling Silver Grapes & Leaves Pendant with Stone Cabachon

SOLD ! Opal, Amethyst, Amethystine, Tiger-Eye, Azurite/Malachite, White Onyx

SOLD ! 7.5 carat Opal in Sterling Pendant

Lampwork Hummingbird Bead

Some of my Art and Creations include....

Custom Lapidary Work (Stone Cutting, Faceting, Cabbing, Inlay, Intarsia) Bead Work (Designing, Stringing, Restringing) Wire Wrapping (Stones, Sharks Teeth, Glass, Crystals, Coins) Minor Jewelry Repair (Chains, Clasps, Replace Stones) Repolishing and Buffing Stones and Settings, also I am now creating lampwork or flamework glass. Pendants, beads and figures that are created in glass using a torch.

Cybor-Gecko ....RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.....


Thanks Mr. Shapiro - Live Long and Prosper

Bradenton's "GeckoFest" 2010

We are pleased to announce that one of our designs submitted for the 2010 GeckoFest in Bradenton, Fla was selected by a sponsor at the Grab A Gecko Party. Richard Shapiro of Shapiro Law Group in Bradenton selected our Cybor-Gecko design.

Cybor-Gecko will have solar powered features including a shoulder mounted UV illuminated bug zapper, red biomech eye, and other lighting features Exo-armor and bionic style enhancements on his glowing electric blue skin will give this gecko the appearance of a bugs worst nightmare.

The finished geckos are mounted on the walls of sponsors and public buildings around Bradenton from December thru April. After the geckos are taken down, there will be a gala auction to raise money for local arts and local school art programs.

How cool is that?!

We had so much fun with this group of artists and the local art community in 2008 that we are thankful to find a sponsor so that we may play again. Visit the Bradenton GeckoFest website for more information, press releases, and a calendar of events they have scheduled.


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